What is the Ideal Time to Pressure Clean a House?

What is the Ideal Time to Pressure Clean a House?

Your house needs to get at least one power wash in a year. You need to do this between March and November. You need to take care of your home well before the winter, and freezing temperatures arrive. You need to choose power washing to be the routine maintenance of your home to increase the concrete, outdoor surfaces, and siding lifespan.

You need to make other considerations in determining when to power clean your house apart from the time of the year.

Do you remember the last time you power washed your house?

Has your house experienced a long snowy winter since the last wash?

Do you intend to host guests for a party or holiday?

Are molds, black streaks, or algae present on your concrete, roof, or siding?

If your answers to the above questions are yes, you need professional washing services. It's the best option to beautify and protect your residential properties regardless of the season.

The ideal day for power washing 

You can do power washing at any time of the day between dawn and dusk. Cloud coverage and sunlight can cause unique challenges. When shadows appear, it's hard to spot some stains that go unwashed. It's why you need professional services that will ensure no stain remains. The professionals have dealt with all condition types that make them fit for any environmental challenge at any time of the day. They know how to deal with visibility challenges to achieve the best results.

The perfect conditions to power wash

Whether it's raining and 45° or sunny and 95°, it's possible to complete the washing project in any weather condition. The outside thunderstorm or dip freezing temperatures rarely affect the washing results. When the weather is extreme, technicians can wait for it to end or schedule another day to complete the cleaning when temperatures are favorable.

In the rainy season, it's easy for algae and other debris to grow or collect on your house. The dry season calls for dust collection on your house sidings and outside driveways. You need to give your house a close look to spot any dust, debris, and algae growing in your backyard. It will be easy to remove them in the early stages.

Remember to give your professionals a brief history of the house materials and the past washing. Such information is vital to help them know the exact detergents to prevent corrosion and other damages.


The best power cleaning time depends on individual considerations. You need to decide the exact time or season when you should power wash your property. If you need to keep your property in a good position, you must power wash every year. Other people may have learned about power washing but still have many questions. If you are in this category, create time and call the customer care of any professional service provider. They will break down all the details that might be unclear to you.