High-Quality Sausage Casing: What to Know

High-Quality Sausage Casing: What to Know

A good sausage casing is critical during the sausage-making process. A sausage would not be complete without a sausage casing to stuff with. However, there is more to sausage casing than just to be stuffed with. The correct casing can also influence the taste of the sausage. If you are a veteran in the catering industry, you already know what this means. But worry not even when you hear about these items for the first time. This guide will educate you on everything about high-quality sausage casing.

A guide to high-quality sausage casing

Most people want to know what the casing is, its importance, and the different types available to buy. We will detail everything in this article. Let's get into it.

What is a sausage casing? Is it important?

This is a product often stuffed with foods like meats, veggies, and spices. Besides stuffing the sausage, below are other importance of sausage casing.


The sausage casing plays a significant factor in the sausage's flavor. A suitable sausage casing can positively influence the sausage flavor. The flavor is usually added to the casing before the casings get stuffed with sausages. They are also usually salted before the stuffing.


The sausage casing also influences the texture of the sausage. The texture may differ depending on the type of sausage casing.

Types of sausage casings

It is easy to think that there is one type of sausage casing. That is not the case. Below are some of the common types of sausage casings you should know about.

Natural sausage casings

This type is made from a small intestine layer packed with collagen. It is the oldest type of sausage casing. They are still the most popular type despite aging for centuries. Natural sausage casings are flexible, tender, and incredibly easy to stuff. They are also durable enough to withstand processing. They are great for various types of sausages, including hot dogs. Below are some types of natural sausage casings;

  • Hog casings- these are the conventional choice for making link sausages. They are great for stuffing smoked polish sausages.
  • Sheep casings- they are very tender. They feature a smaller diameter which makes them for small link sausages.
  • Beef rounds and middle round beef casings are round and feature minimal fat. They are ideal for cooked sausages and are heavily salted. On the other hand, beef middles are straight, long, and feature a heavier texture.

Collagen sausage casings

Unlike natural sausage casings, collagen casings are processed. They come from cow and pig hides collagens. They are inexpensive and offer uniformity. They do not come in different weights and sizes like natural sausage casings. These sausage casings are packed in sheets. There are two primary types of collagen sausage casings;

  • Fresh- these casings are great for fresh sausages because they are too tender to withstand smokehouse hanging.
  • Smoked- they are more robust collagen sausage casings that can withstand smokehouse processing.


Alibaba.com offers some of the best high-quality and easy-to-stuff sausage casings. The platform offers natural, synthetic, and collagen sausage casings. Understanding the above basics will help you make the right choice.